Art & Maker Resources

The Tacony LAB has a number of difference resources for artists and makers. Like all of our programming there is no charge to use our equipment, however some items require training before being used on independent projects. This training can take place as part of scheduled classes, such as Sewing 101 or one-on-one with one of our staff during Open Studio sessions. You can be trained on most of our equipment by either Barb Baur, Emily Hitchner or Lucia Alber, with each person having some speciality. Contact us with any questions.

Conrad Printmaking/Etching Press (Main Studio)

With our etching press we can make multiple copies from an original block or plate that has been made by etching metal, carving wood or linoleum/rubber. The press can also be used for creating embossed designs. 

Weaving/Looms (Fiber Area)

We have three Harrisville Designs Floor Looms, LeClerc Nilus Loom and one non-branded floor loom. All of the floor looms are 4 shaft/6treadle. We also have one antique Peacock table loom, one Structo table loom and two Cricket table looms as well as several frame looms.

Our weaving areas started with a couple of looms that were free or on loan. We have had weaving classes on frame looms and all of our looms are available for independent projects when not in use for classes. We can help you plan and set up a project on any of our looms. We have three table looms to loan that you can set up at the Tacony LAB and take home to finish.

We feel it is important to acknowledge the donation of Kathy Holden’s fiber studio. The LeClerc loom, Bernina serger, numerous vests she made, supplies and shuttles were donated by her husband in Fall 2020. We are grateful for this generous gift that rounded out our fibers area.

Weaving classes happen about every 3 months or so, or come in on an open studio session and just get started on your own.

We have five four shaft, six treadle looms that are appropriate for many different projects.

Cricut Maker Machine (Back Studio)

The Cricut is an amazing versatile machine we use for a number of things. It can cut and score card stock to make pop up cards and projects, as well as vinyl for our window and wall signs. In our sign making class we create custom stencils using for the participants that they can then take home. We have classes in Inkscape, a free vector drawing program, to teach how to design your own projects for a Cricut machine.

We use the Cricut for a number of classes. If you have a Cricut and don’t know how to use it, set up a time with Barb Baur to come in and get a quick intro.

Form 2 3D Printer (Back Studio)

The Form 2 3D printer is a multi-material printer that uses photopolymer resin and controlled UV light to create forms. We use this machine for a number of difference classes like making jewelry in Summer camp and kids club, we create molds using Vacu-forming over 3D printed models for candy making. We also have classes in using Blender or TinkerCad to teach 3D modeling. 

If you have a specific project in mind for 3D printing, set up a time with Barb Baur to learn more about the Form 2.

Vacu-Forming/Custom Moldmaking

We have had many moldmaking classes taught by Thomas Lauria in the last four years. In these classes our students create tiles, soap, candy and concrete. He created a small Vacu-former we have used for moldmaking for candy and other materials. If you are interested in making your own molds at the Tacony LAB, make an appointment to learn to use the Vacu-former.

Sewing (Fibers Area)

We regularly run several very popular sewing classes. We also use our Babylock Joy machines for Kids Club projects, pillows stuffed animals, tote bags. In addition, Barb, Emily and Lucia are available to help with individual sewing project and remember our huge stash of donated fabric is free for your projects! We also have portable sewing machines to loan if you want to work at home.

Our sewing area is also fully equiped with self healing cutting mats in various sizes, rotary cutters and rulers and a selection of fabric scissors. Some community members come in to use the big table to start project on their own that are too big to cut at home.

Janome Memory Card 10000 Embroidery Machine

The Janome is an embroidery sewing machine, capable of basic embroidery, monograms, text/names and decorative designs. We have a colorful selection of thread available to use for this machine. Learn to use the Janome by appointment.

Omtech Laser Cutter (Main Studio)

The Omtech 50w laser cutter can cut thick plastic, thin wood, paper, fabric and other sheet materials as well as engraving on even more materials. It can cut or engrave from vector artwork files using .dxf files and RD Works software.

Photography Studio Equipment

We have a basic photo studio setup available to use by appointment for no charge. We have two older Canon DSLR cameras, a tripod, three softbox strobe lights with transmitter and background frame to set up. We also have an Adobe Creative Cloud account for photo editing and graphic design. Our color printer, a Canon Pixma Pro-100 can be calibrated to output high quality digital color photos.

Tacony LAB Equipment Loans (Front Desk)

We are happy to introduce our LAB Loaning program. Now you can start a weaving or sewing project and finish it at home. We are starting our loaning program with three portable sewing machines and three table looms. Like all of our programming there is no charge for this.